Saldana Fashion Website Debuts

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Zoë Saldana, Star Trek XI‘s Uhura, and her fiancé Keith Britton have launched a new fashion database.

The website,, will be listing “every magazine shoot, its cover, campaign models…and people involved in the shoots.”

“It’s really for anyone who loves fashion magazines, luxury brands, celebrities, models,” said Saldana. “You can browse them all [at] MyFDB.COM.”

Saldana wanted to create a site similar to IMDB but for fashion professionals. “Before MyFDB, there wasn’t any website giving fashion professionals’ credit where credit is due for their work,” she said. “We were inspired to level the playing field for them while organizing the industry by fashion credits. Soon we will be launching MyFDB Vintage that will cover the iconic and timeless magazine covers and ad campaigns from decades past.”

Source: Tale Tela

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