Saldana Comparisons To Jolie

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After playing characters that aren’t afraid to kick a little butt, Star Trek XI‘s Zoë Saldana is sometimes compared to Angelina Jolie, which makes her a little uncomfortable.

“If I think about it in that fashion than yes (it’s scary,)” Saldana said. “I wouldn’t want to think about it in that way.”

“But I have been inspired by amazing actresses that have taken amazing risks and opened amazing doors, and I am a product of that and I am honored to be included in a group of women that have defied their own gravity,” Saldana admitted. “Besides playing amazing character roles they also have an amazing agility to do action.”

Saldana enjoys doing her own stunts whenever she’s permitted to do so, even with the inevitable pain that can follow. “Thank God no permanent injuries, but I was definitely very, very sore,” she said. “It’s always a lot of work and it’s exhausting while you’re doing it and your training for it,” she said. “But once you see it on the silver screen it’s such an amazing reward and only because you are proud of what you do but also because you’re representing all the professionals that that invested their time and their work to train you. To know that they are proud makes me feel very, very good.”

Colombiana, Saldana’s most recent film, opens today.

Source: FOX Orlando

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