Quinto: The Future Of Spock-Uhura


Star Trek XI‘s Zachary Quinto speculates on the future of Spock in Star Trek 2.

With the destruction of Vulcan in Star Trek XI, there will be pressure on Spock to help his race. “I would imagine (this is just speculative),” said Quinto, “his planet’s been destroyed, he feels a real imperative to rebuild his race. But he’s in love with a human. There’s probably some potential conflict in that dynamic, I would not be surprised, and I would be intrigued and excited by that if that were the case.”

Quinto trusts the writers when it comes to Spock and where the character (and his romance) will go in Star Trek 2. “I have such implicit trust in all of those guys: Damon, Bob and Alex, and J.J.,” he said. “I feel like they’re going to take us where we need to go. And we’re going to follow them whole-heartedly.”

But what about the Spock-Uhura romance? Will it survive? “I do think [so],” said Quinto. “I don’t see how they could just drop it. It may be fraught, I don’t know!”

Spock will feel the need to help when it comes to rebuilding the Vulcan race. “He’s not the only Vulcan, I think I said, ‘Of my planet’s nearly six billion inhabitants, approximately ten thousand have survived,'” said Quinto. “He’s not the only one. But the odds aren’t great. He has a bit of a cultural imperative to [help].

“I think he’s going to spend a lot more time doing the logical thing. Which is to help repopulate, help support, and help rebuild the race of people. His father was full Vulcan, and he has a responsibility there, and he loves his father very much.’

Source: io9

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