Vanguard Series To End


A blurb for Vanguard: What Judgments Come included the news that the book is the beginning of the end of the Vanguard series.

After the description the What Judgments Come story, the blurb concluded with “The end of the epic saga begins.”

Sharp-eyed posters caught that last sentence and asked questions on TrekBBS, where the authors post. “Will Storming Heaven [due out next year] bring it to a close?” asked DarkHorizon.

Storming Heaven will be the finale, yes,” said co-author David Mack. “It was a decision made by us, the authors, to end the saga properly, rather than risk it running out of steam or end up left unfinished for whatever reason.”

“We’ve begun the process of bringing the Vanguard series to what we hope is a proper and epic conclusion,” said Dayton Ward, posting in his blog. “What Judgments Come, written by me and Kevin [Dilmore] and coming in October, is the first of a 2-part conclusion to the series. It’ll be followed next year with the seventh and final novel, Storming Heaven written by David Mack, who faces the monumental task of putting to bed the series he helped create.

“We’ve been plotting this for going on two years now. The series had always been conceived with a beginning, middle, and end.”

If the editors and publishers had had their way, the Vanguard series would have continued. “The idea of ending the series wasn’t an easy sell,” said Ward. “Both our editor (Margaret Clark at the time), and even the CBS Licensing office weren’t on board with the notion at first. Vanguard, we were told, sold well, was popular, and was a favorite of certain folks in the licensing office. Still, they let us make our case: We wanted to end the series on a high note, rather than let it linger for too long.”

What Judgments Come will be released this October and next year, Storming Heaven will wrap up the series.

Source: TrekBBSvia Dayton Ward's Blog

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