New U.K. Television Show Casting For Sci-Fi Themed Wedding

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A brand new series for Sky Living will offer two couples (U.K. residents only), with brilliant exciting ideas about their wedding day but not the budget to match, a sci-fi themed wedding.

The couples will receive £25,000 for their big day and all they have to do in return if chosen for the TV series is to “work in harmony together to plan an identical wedding day.”
Sky Living is “currently looking for brides who want a Star Trek-themed wedding. Maybe you want a TOS mini-dress as your wedding dress. Maybe you want Odo to give you away. Maybe you want a Tribble as your ring-bearer. With a budget of £25,000, we’re looking for people who want to be really creative and go all out with it. And don’t just be limited to Star Trek – if you want Cylons or a TARDIS to be involved, we’d love to hear about it.”

To get in on this deal, aspiring couples should email  For an application form or more information. Alternatively, the couples can call David at 0203 487 1201 (UK applicants only).

Sky Living in the UK is an independent television company that specializes in thought-provoking and ambitious programs such as One Born Every Minute, The Family, and Kill it Cook it Eat it.

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