Kurtzman & Orci: 3D For Trek Unlikely

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Trek writer Roberto Orci admitted this week that 3D films give him a headache — but it seems likely he won’t have to suffer through that for the new Trek film.

“I bet the technology will get better and better and it will be a harder choice to decide,” Orci told Collider. “For right now it is still cumbersome and it is still unbelievably expensive. Some movies wouldn’t be able to get made if it was just going to be made in 3D and some movies shouldn’t be made in 3D.”

His writing partner Alex Kurtzman left open a small possibility, saying that they would have a conversation about it if a great reason pops up, but for now the writers aren’t thinking much about it. “We are not,” Orci continued. “I’m sure it will be budgeted both ways probably and we will be able to make an assessment there, but we actually haven’t discussed that with our band mates. I actually don’t know what they think about it.”

In the full interview, Orci and Kurtzman spoke some more about fan expectations for the new film, as well as about many of their other movies, including Cowboys & Aliens.

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