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Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Dan Stahl answered over four dozen questions in the July issue of Ask Cryptic.

Amongst those questions were ones regarding the upcoming Season Four Star Trek: Online content. Star Trek: Online Season Four releases this week.

“Will FED Vice Admirals get their loved DS9 fleet action back when Season Four goes live?” asked ErisTheVorta.

“Not when Season 4 goes live,” said Stahl, “but hopefully by the time our DS9-centric Feature Series goes live, we can get this back onto the Fleet Action Queue. It had some issues and needs some cleanup first.”

Naterag: “Will there be actual Star Trek music placed into the game, besides the generic and optional music player?”

“We have been in discussion with CBS (and parent Viacom) about this as we have wanted to use themes and music from the show in various episodes (we have the fight music in Coliseum for example),” said Stahl. “There are licensing issues that need to be worked out, but we continue to ask for it. As we get rights, we will do what we can to ensure it gets in game. We really wanted the Doomsday music for example in the new Doomsday mission but haven’t received rights yet. Someday hopefully.”

Billyyank: “What’s the word on Starfleet Academy? Will it be just a place we can visit, or will be more interactive, where we can train a cadet prior to shipping out?”

“Starfleet Academy is slated to go online towards the end of July and will include the ability for players to visit and hook up UGC missions to start,” said Stahl.

MaxSpock: “Will I ever be able to visit the bridge of my shuttle or Captain’s Yacht?”

“Yes,” said Stahl. “We have added two new bridges (one Fed, one KDF) that are hooked up to shuttles. We will continue to add more bridges and interiors as we have time in our schedules.”

McCooey: “Any plans to add more starbases in different sectors?”

“Yes, and in fact the next Featured Series will open up a new one for both Fed and KDF players,” said Stahl.

Season Four launches on July 7th.

Source: Zam.com

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