Trek Writers On Character Development


Now that the younger versions of Kirk, Spock and McCoy have been introduced, those characters will begin to evolve and become more like the ones familiar to fans.

The characters in Star Trek XI weren’t quite what fans expected, but that was due to their youth. “Well, Spock, he’s pretty emotional in this one,” said Roberto Orci. “That’s because he’s younger.”

As for Kirk? “Well he’s known as this bookworm on legs who really understood the chain of command,” said Orci. “Well, He’s not quite there yet.”

In Star Trek 2, the characters will get “closer to what you know,” said Orci. “It was all about earning what you know and earning the fact that hopefully when you’ve seen them now, they’ve been through a couple of adventures, but they don’t know each other completely either. So there is still discovery, but there is also a little more familiarity and so hopefully, like the first one, it’ll feel like Trek but it will also uncover new ground.”

The writers, fans of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, were especially drawn to the relationship between Kirk and Spock. For Star Trek IX, said Kurtzman, “Our first instinct was that Kirk and Spock should not get along.”

“There was a moment, where right after Vulcan was destroyed, we knew there would be a big fight scene between Kirk and Spock over how to proceed,” said Kurtzman. Trying to pen that scene gave the writers insight into why they cared so much about the characters.

“It was getting really heated and suddenly we realized that this was ‘the scene,'” said Kurtzman. “That was the moment in some ways we realized that we were kind of writing about oddly our partnership because Kirk and Spock had been such an inspiration to us. And so that was a nice moment of “Oh wow, this is…” feeling and now we realized why we were so connected to the material. And that was a great moment of revelation.”

Source: Los Angeles Times Hero Complex

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