Stewart: Super Sewer Stinks

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Patrick Stewart has joined a campaign against a Thames Water proposal for a twenty-mile super sewer.

The tunnel through Chambers Wharf would cost £3.6, but the cost is not the problem, the location is. Local residents are against the possible impacts of the new super sewer.

“Of course Thames Water are addressing environmental, health and living concerns for all Londoners,” said Stewart. “What they seem to have overlooked in focusing their attention on Chambers Wharf is that those very same concerns, environment, health and living conditions may be unimaginably damaged, restrained and blighted for a significant number of years. There will be a period of time where Thames Water is planning to work 24/7 for three years – you don’t need to have an actor’s imagination to know what this would mean to us as individuals and to the neighbourhood as a whole.”

According to Thames Water, the tunnel is needed to capture thirty-nine million tons of untreated sewage which is discharged into the Thames yearly.

The sewer is not yet a done deal. “There is still a lot more work to be done, including further discussions with local communities, before we make any final decisions about the construction sites we need,” said Phil Stride, Thames Water’s head of London Tideway Tunnels.

Source: London24

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