Star Trek 2 Shooting Schedule To Be Delayed?


First, word came that Star Trek 2 would be delayed and would probably not be released on its expected summer 2012 date, and now comes word that shooting the film will also start late. spoke recently with writers Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who explained why it would be best to delay rather than put out an inferior product.

“We feel pretty strongly that the best version of this movie is directed by J.J. [Abrams],” said Lindelof. “And therefore we totally defer to his availability and when he wants to direct. This isn’t us passing the buck, but it is us passing the buck. Is it possible to start shooting the movie in September? Absolutely, we would totally be ready to go. But that doesn’t mean we are going to start in September, that is a question only J.J. can answer.”

“We made the commitment to each other on the first movie not to put that movie out unless we felt it was going to be the best version of the movie,” said Kurtzman. “And that meant taking our collective time. The first Trek had a release date of Christmas originally and we had to move it to the summer because it wasn’t going to be the best version, it was going to be rushed and it would have never been the movie that we put out there. Part of our responsibility to Trek is to make sure it isn’t rushed, that we take our time and do it right.’

Orci explained that a deadline for finishing the movie has not even been set. “Deadlines are great,” he said. “We haven’t had a deadline yet, and that is why we keep not finishing it. Give us a deadline and we’ll finish it. We only closed our deal with Paramount two or three months ago. So it is not just doing other things, it is ‘let’s find out when we are really going to go and then we will really get to work.'”

The writers admitted that the movie could be finished by June 29, 2012, but see no reason to rush it just to make that release date.


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