Pegg: Breaking Security

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During Star Trek XI, Simon Pegg decided to circumvent the strict security on the set.

Some people may enjoy trying to get around restrictions, but Pegg was not one of them and the actor worried about the repercussions had he been caught sneaking a photo.

Star Trek XI was a closed set, with the actors wearing cloaks and being ferried about furtively to keep details of the Abrams reboot from being leaked to an avid public.

A photo of Zachary Quinto had already leaked out, and Abrams was determined to keep this from happening again. But Pegg wanted to show his wife what he looked like in uniform so he snapped a picture of himself, and then he began to fret.

“I thought I was going to get arrested,” he said. “I took the picture with my phone because my wife was with me in Los Angeles and I thought I would show her the picture when I got home. She had been on the set anyway.

“But as I was leaving the Paramount lot that night, I was convinced that someone would say, ‘Excuse me, sir’… and stop me and arrest me.”

Pegg spoke about J.J. Abrams‘s secrecy in another interview with the A.V. Club Austin. “J.J.’s incredibly secretive,” said Pegg. “He’s brilliant like that. I used to try to get him to tell me stuff from Lost when we were filming, and he never would. Even though he knew I wouldn’t tell anybody. He’s the absolute soul of discretion.”

Source: The A.V. Club Austin

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