No Shatner in Star Trek 2


According to the man himself, William Shatner won’t be seen in next year’s Star Trek 2.

Answering a fan question at the Calgary Expo in Canada, Shatner admitted that he would again not be in a J.J. Abrams Trek film. “I’ve been an acquaintance of J.J.,” he said. “But I’m afraid no, no, I will not be in Star Trek 2.”

Shatner is still keeping busy though, with books, documentaries and guest appearances on TV shows. His new book, Shatner Rules: Your Key to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large, will release in October. The Shatner-produced The Captains will air next month and Shatner will be a guest star on an episode of the USA comedy Psych, where he will play a con man father of a detective.

Source: ATVToday

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