Montgomery: We Did Our Best


Fans were split when it came to Star Trek: Enterprise; some liked it and some did not, but as far as Anthony Montgomery was concerned, all that the actors on a show can do is to do their best work and not worry about what people say.

“As the actors, we take the scripts and we bring them to life to the absolute best of our abilities, and we leave it there,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery follows the advice that he was once given. “…someone very wise told me a long time ago a very simple statement as far as people’s opinion of me,” he said. “And that is, “In truth, your opinion of me is not my concern because, regardless of what we do from an acting standpoint, you’re going to have your opinion. You’re going to love it or you’re going to hate it, and you will have very strong reasoning to back whatever your opinion is. So, for me, just do the best job you can and leave it there.

“So, for me, we did the best work we possibly could, and hopefully we did more good than harm, and (hopefully) the fans will love us more than they hate us in the long run.”

One thing Montgomery would love to do is to be in a project that would bridge the gap between the Star Trek: Enterprise era and the original series (Abrams-version) era. “I think it would be a lot of fun,” said Montgomery. “I think if you brought in a group like us (the Enterprise cast) and mixed it with the inner mechanisms of the Star Trek (2009) world, I think it would be a complete hit with the fans – and the fans from every generation. Truly, I think for every fan that’s a fan of all of the series and all of the movies, those guys would actually love it. The fans had started to buy into us more by the fourth season of Enterprise, and I think they wanted to see more of us. It was like cutting their legs out from under them when we were canceled so abruptly as we were. And including us (in the next Star Trek feature) would give a lot of people closure.”

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