Montgomery: Enterprise Ended Too Soon


Star Trek: Enterprise ended too soon for Anthony Montgomery, so fans never got to learn more about Travis Mayweather.

Like many of the actors on Enterprise, Montgomery was sad to see the series end, feeling that the show and his character had more potential that had not been explored.

“I personally thought that we had finally found our sea legs, or our space legs, if you will,” said Montgomery. “I thought by season four we’d actually hit a very nice stride. So I thought we would be around for three more seasons and do several movies, and everything.”

Had Enterprise continued, Montgomery would have liked to have seen more revealed about Mayweather’s life. “Oh, we barely scratched the surface of Travis,” he said. “I wanted to actually see and meet some of his alien girlfriends. We talked about them, but we never got to see any of them. The one girlfriend that we saw over the ninety-eight episodes was human. I was like, ‘Wait! I wanted an alien girlfriend.’” Also, I wanted to meet his sister. We had the episode (Horizon) where his father passed away, but I remember that we’d talked about Travis having other relatives, having a sister, and her having a husband. I was looking forward to actually learning more about his family.”

At times, Montgomery felt that his character didn’t get enough air time, but he knew that the series wasn’t about Mayweather. “Well, it was hard,” he said. “As an actor, of course, you want to work. So, for me, I knew what it was that I signed on for initially. The show was about the captain, the engineer and the Vulcan, and not necessarily in that order. I knew that was what I was signing on for and, for me, the bottom line is it was an honor to be a part of Star Trek, to be a part of the global lexicon, to be a part of history the way that I am.”

Montgomery is currently appearing in the VH-1 series Single Ladies.


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