Giacchino Would Return To Trek


Although doing the score for Star Trek XI was initially a “nightmare” for Michael Giacchino, he would not be averse to returning for Star Trek 2.

High expectations for the J.J. Abrams sequel were anxiety-provoking for Giacchino. “Doing that score was a huge nightmare for me,” he said. “I was so excited up to the point where I actually had to sit there and do it. Then I was like, ‘Oh, my god. What do I do?'”
Added pressure came from Giacchino himself, because he was a Star Trek fan. “Not only did I have everyone else’s expectations, but I had my own expectations because I grew up watching Star Trek,” he said. “I love the old series more than anything. I watched the movies of course. I went and saw all of those. So there was this huge thing where I felt, ‘Oh, this is totally wrong. I should not be doing this. Why am I doing this? This was a bad idea.'”

It took words from Damon Lindelof to calm down the composer. “I was talking to Damon about it and he was like, ‘You know, I think the problem is that you are thinking about it too much as Star Trek. It is not Star Trek. Let’s forget about Star Trek. It is the story about two guys who meet and become friends.’ Once he said that I was like, ‘That is it! It is that simple!'”

Giacchino is ready to work on a Star Trek movie again. “I would love to,” he said. “It depends on how all of the pieces fall. I would be happy to do another one. It was one of those things that when it ended I was like, ‘Ugh! Never again!’ But now that time has passed…”


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