Frakes: Attached to Riker


At last week’s Calgary Comic Con, the fan-friendly Jonathan Frakes spoke about his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation and about his attachment to Commander William T. Riker.

Frakes acknowledged the importance of the fans who supported Star Trek: The Next Generation and its actors. “My position is if someone’s not going to enjoy being [at the convention], they shouldn’t show up,” he said. “I’ve seen people come to these and not realize that they were lucky to have these fans and we have a responsibility to thank them.”

Working on Trek was a blessing for Frakes, although it had its downside as well. “It changed my life,” he said. “How could I not be [a fan of Star Trek]? It’s a double-edged sword working in Star Trek, though. There’s not many acting jobs unless you’re Patrick Stewart, but I was lucky enough to find another craft in directing.”

Frakes would take on the role of Riker again if asked, and would prefer not to be replaced if a rebooted Star Trek: The Next Generation was done. “Gosh. I supposed I could be made younger,” he said, “but I plan to play Riker as long as I’m alive.”

Source: MetroNews

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