Takei: Change The Name, Abrams

Although George Takei is a fan of J.J. AbramsStar Trek, he would prefer that the next movie in the series not be called Star Trek.

According to Takei, there was nothing wrong with the movie, including John Cho‘s portrayal of Sulu. “[Cho] did a terrific job,” said Takei. “J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek was a terrific movie.”

But it wasn’t Takei’s Star Trek and he feels that there should be a line drawn separating the two different Treks. “I think there should be a more distinguishing label to it than Star Trek,” he explained. “I hope the next one will have some sort of a number or label. I take umbrage with it being called Star Trek. We were Star Trek. This Star Trek is a progeny of our Star Trek.”

Proud of his association with Star Trek, Takei never felt that Star Trek was a burden which hindered his later career. “I prefer to see it as a great asset than can be parlayed,” he said. “I’ve done plays totally unrelated to Star Trek up and down Great Britain. I’ve played Japanese soldiers, Chinese emperors, a wizard. But when I come out of the stage door, there are all these Star Trek fans with their books, their action figures – all that memorabilia. My fans are very loyal. It’s been a great professional asset, as well as a source of personal pride.”

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