Park: Enterprise Was Amazing Opportunity

For Linda Park, being offered the role of Hoshi Sato in Star Trek: Enterprise meant deciding whether to accept that part, or to fulfill a dream by taking a role in a play that was being performed in her home town.

Raised in San Jose, Park had been offered a role in Cyrano de Bergerac in 2001, but Hollywood beckoned. “I was fresh out of drama school, and I really didn’t know what the right thing to do was,” said Park “My agent said I was crazy. This was a TV gig, and I could always do a play.”

But it was not an easy choice for Park. “But it’s very symbolic and meaningful to me to come home and do a play at the Rep [San Jose Repertory Theatre],” she said. “The Rep had a huge influence on me. It opened my eyes to the world of the stage. It’s where I realized I wanted to be an actor.”

Park realizes now that she was lucky to land the Sato role. “I was given an amazing opportunity being cast in Enterprise when I was so young,” she said. “It was my first real acting job. At the time, I thought that luck was just talent meeting opportunity, but now I see that I was given a real gift, and I’m grateful.”

When Star Trek: Enterprise ended, Park worried about being typecast. “I was afraid that I might be pigeonholed,” said Park. “But then I got another show and then another one, and I realized that it wasn’t a fluke.”

As for her dream of playing at the Rep? Park is currently in rehearsals for Love in American Times, which will be playing at the Rep in San Jose, California, from May 12-June 5.

Source: Contra Costa Times

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