New UK Trek Slots Game

A new episode of Jackpot Party’s Star Trek online slots game was released today.

The game, the fourth in a series, is called Trap A Tribble, and follows three other Trek games: Red Alert, Explore New Worlds and the Trouble With Tribbles.

Players will have to had played the first three games first to play Trap a Tribble, as the medals earned from playing those games will earn them the right to play the new fourth episode. Medals earned in Trap A Tribble can be used to unlock new content and bonuses.

In Trap A Tribble, new feature rounds (Win Warps) include:

  • The Spock Multiplier. Multiplies the overall win from three times to ten times.
  • Kirk’s Gone Wild. A female alien dances over the reels, turning all Kirk symbols into “wilds.”
  • The Scotty Wild Reel. Changes one or two reels into all wilds.
  • The Enterprise Fly By. “The Enterprise flies by and turns all symbols in winning combinations into one of the other reels symbols.

Jackpot Party’s Star Trek online slots games are for UK players eighteen years of age or older. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Source: PR-USA.netvia Jackpot Party

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