Keating To Marry

Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Dominic Keating will be hearing wedding bells later this year.

While working on 2009’s The Ninong, Keating met his future fiancée, actress Tam Nguyen, and the Trek actor proposed to her after a convention.

A year ago, Keating and Nguyen were in New Zealand, when Keating popped the question. “Tam (Nguyen) and I are getting married,” he said. “We were down in New Zealand doing a convention. It’s amazing that pretty much a year ago we were leaving Christchurch. Look where they’re at now. But we drove down the west coast of the south island and I proposed at sunrise on the shores of Lake Hawea, which was very beautiful. So hopefully I think this year, sometime toward the end of the year, we’ll get married.”

Speaking of conventions, Keating is one of the actors who enjoys doing them. “They’re still fun,” he said. “I have to say, I do maybe five or six and I enjoy it thoroughly, mate. It’s like being Brad Pitt for the weekend, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s after the fact. We’re not still producing the show. And it’s nice to get the recognition, still. I mean, there’s not an actor on the planet that doesn’t like being told that the work they put in really made somebody’s day or helped them through this. That’s exactly what comes out at the conventions, a love for and appreciation of what we did for our four years. And right back at you, quite frankly, for loving it as much as you do.”


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