Fox: Abrams’ Show Yes, Kurtzman/Orci Show No

Fox network has announced which shows it will keep for fall of 2011 and which shows have been axed and even though there were plenty of cancellations, J.J. AbramsAlcatraz has survived the cuts.

Alcatraz joins three other new shows: The New Girl, I Hate My Daughter, and Finder, which will air this fall.  Other shows which will appear on Fox include Terra Nova, Glee, Fringe and House.

But Locke & Key, executive produced by Star Trek XI‘s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and written by Josh Friedman, will not be appearing on Fox, who passed on the novel adaptation.

Other Fox shows that were axed include: Human Target, Lie to Me, The Chicago Code, Breaking In, and Traffic Light.

Locke & Key may yet find a home on another network.


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