Beyer: Children of the Storm

Fans of Star Trek: Voyager can enjoy a new adventure with today’s release of Kirsten Beyer‘s Children of the Storm novel.

Children of the Storm, published by Simon & Schuster, is available as a 432-page mass market paperback, and as an e-book.

Children of the Storm is the story of a new species, first developed by David Mack in Mere Mortals. This species was able to rid their section of space of the Borg without using conventional weapons.

“It was established in Unworthy that three of the fleet’s ships, the Quirinal, Planck and Demeter, would be investigating the Children further so this is essentially the story of what happened during and after that encounter,” said Beyer. “The main characters are tasked with unraveling the mystery of their three lost ships when they don’t report in as scheduled.”

Children of the Storm “continues the adventures of our crew right from where we left off,” said Beyer. “It builds upon the possibilities for the fleet in the Delta Quadrant and introduces many new characters who can now add to the richness of this little corner of the Trek universe.”

Will Beyer write more Star Trek: Voyager stories? “I remain very eager to continue writing Voyager, but at this time I am not officially on board to do so,” she said. “I do, however, expect that official word regarding future Voyager stories will be forthcoming eventually.


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