Takei in New Social Security Commercial

George Takei, Star Trek‘s Lieutenant Sulu, can be seen in two new YouTube videos; one of which is a new commercial for the Social Security Administration and the other a promotion for his forthcoming role in Allegiance, a musical to appear on Broadway next year.

In the Social Security commercial, the latest in a series of commercials that have featured baby boomer celebrities such as Chubby Checker, Takei teams up with Patty Duke to encourage seniors to sign up for Social Security benefits online.

In the commercial, Duke is wearing Sciences blue while Takei is of course Lieutenant Sulu. Duke is trying to sell Takei on the benefits of signing up for Social Security online, while Takei worries that it will be “confusing.”

“You’ve navigated through asteroid belts, right?” Duke asks Takei. “Well, compared to that, navigating Social Security.gov is a snap.”

Then playing upon the Takei-Shatner dislike she adds, “It’s so easy even Kirk could do it.”


Takei can also be seen on YouTube showing the world why he should be the next Spiderman. In the video, located here, Takei, promoting  Allegiance due out in 2012, claims to “want to be in a Broadway musical NOW,” and “Spiderman, Turn Off the Dark” is his choice of currently running musicals.

Dressed in a Spiderman costume and dangling from wires, the actor shows off his “great moves” and “great musculature,” and battles bad guys, dispatching one of them with a Star Trek phaser.

Source: U.S. News Moneyvia E! Online

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