New Set of Trek Potato Heads To Debut

Last month, TrekToday reported that a set of Mr. Potato Head figures of Kirk and Kor the Klingon would appear in August, and now a new set of Mr. Potato Heads will join that first set just in time for the holiday season.

The second set of Star Trek-themed Potato Heads will feature Mr. Spock and Lieutenant Uhura. This Potato Head set will be one of the first Potato Head sets to incorporate a new Potato Heads redesign.

All of the pieces used to customize the Potato Heads will be interchangeable, meaning that fans can also use pieces from the Kirk and Kor Potato Heads and from any future Star Trek Potato Heads to make their own unique character if they choose to do so.

The set will sell for approximately $30-$35. Further information, when available, can be seen at PPW Toys, where the first set of Kirk and Kor can still be ordered.


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