New Drex Files Episode

A new episode of The Drex Files has been posted, which should be of interest to Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: Voyager fans.

The first part of the episode features the Reliant/Saratoga model, and in the second part of the episode, Drexler takes one last look at the Star Trek: Voyager sets.

“First up is some lost handycam footage shot at Image G,” explained Drexler. “It was Gary [Hutzel‘s] task to uncrate the Reliant/Saratoga and see if it still worked, since the last time the Teamsters tossed it on the back of a truck and bounced it along bumpy roads to the storage facility up north. Naturally, it doesn’t. In a classic example of roll with the punches, Gary invents another class of ship. Whenever I see old footage like this, I kick myself for not shooting more.”

In the second part of The Drex Files #4, Drexler shared a story about his final visit to the Star Trek: Voyager sets. Mike Okuda knocked on Drexler’s door one day, and when Drexler answered, Okuda said to him, ‘They’ve lit the Voyager sets one last time before they strike ’em. Grab the cam, and meet me on the bridge!’

“It’s funny the quiet reverence you experience when saying goodbye to a make-believe spaceship. The show over seven years becomes a family, and the starship sets are where that family lives. Sure, it’s the family you see on the screen every week, but even more so the collection of quirky, talented and lovely human beings behind the scenes that you fall in love with, too.”

The video can be seen here.


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