Mulgrew Returns Home For Film Screening

Dubuque-born Kate Mulgrew will be at the Julien International Film Festival in Dubuque, Iowa on April 21st to promote The Best and the Brightest.

Mulgrew and director Josh Shelov will be featured guests and after the screening of the film, will participate in a brief question and answer session with the audience.

In The Best and the Brightest, Jeff and Samantha, a young couple, move into New York City and find that they must go to great lengths in order to get their five-year-old daughter into the “right” school.

Mulgrew portrays “The Player’s Wife,” a former attorney-turned politician who sits on the board of the elite Coventry Day School. “I’m ‘The Player’s Wife,'” said Mulgrew. “I play a politician and more of them are like that. She’s pretty oily, but not nearly as oily as her husband. They’re a charming, creepy and ambitious duo. It’s a send-up of everybody in New York.”

Trying to get a child into an elite school has “…brought many a marriage down in New York City,” said Mulgrew.

Mulgrew believes that her hometown audience will enjoy the movie. Iowa audiences have “a hell of a sense of humor. They’ll appreciate the naughtiness of the film. It’s not cute, not Disney. It’s for the sophisticated belly laugh.”

For ticket information, head to the link located here.

Source: Telegraph Herald Onlinevia Julien International Film Festival

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