Klingon Monopoly

Although one might think of Monopoly as a game that a Ferengi would enjoy, move over Quark; Klingon Monopoly is here.

Later this year, USAopoly will offer Monopoly: Klingon Collector’s Edition, sure to please fans of the Klingon Empire.

The Klingon version of Monopoly will feature a bilingual game board, six tokens and will offer twenty-two planets and territories ripe for conquer.

Familiar Terran places have taken on Klingon names. No more acquiring Park Place and Boardwalk, instead, the two most-coveted pieces of real estate are called Kronos and Khitomer.

When a Klingon warrior lands on Luxury Tax, he will now “lose a battle to Starfleet,” rather than paying tax to the I.R.S.  He’s probably better off with the former.

Not every detail of the game has been finalized. Fans have been asked to vote on a choice of box top images. Other game elements will be open to fan input in the next few months.

A spokesperson for the Romulan Star Empire, when asked his opinion of the new Klingon-themed Monopoly, raised his eyebrow and said, “Romulans do not indulge in games of chance.”

“All the better,” growled a representative of the Klingon Empire, after hearing the Romulan comment. “Leaves more games for the rest of us!”

Source: StarTrek.com

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