David: Blind Man’s Bluff

Later this month, Peter David‘s Blind Man’s Bluff, the newest Star Trek: New Frontier novel, will arrive in bookstores.

David gives fans a preview of Blind Man’s Bluff, which picks up “where the previous book [Treason] left off.”

“Not only does the crew have to deal with the emotional fall out of Selar’s passing, but events with Morgan have reached a crisis point that demands she needs to be dealt with once and for all,” said David. “This prompts Calhoun to call in very specialized help and results in some extremely unlikely co-workers hooking up. But Morgan is hardly unaware of Calhoun’s machinations, and she has her own plans up her sleeve that involve taking Calhoun out of play, perhaps permanently. The entire book is really about the shifting nature of alliances, where self-interest winds up colliding with emotional needs and what happens when that occurs. It’s also very much about loss.”

As the New Frontier series has progressed, Captain MacKenzie Calhoun’s character has grown and changed over time. “At the beginning of the series, he was someone who had yet to find his place in the universe,” said David. “He didn’t fit into the classic Starfleet paradigm, but he had outgrown his homeworld. The Excalibur has provided him the opportunity to grow into a father figure to an eclectic group of crewmen who probably wouldn’t be any more at home on another vessel than he himself would. What’s interesting is that in Blind Man’s Bluff, we wind up putting Calhoun back into his earliest environment and seeing how he does there with everything that he’s learned since he first departed.”

Blind Man’s Bluff will be released on April 26.

Source: StarTrek.com

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