Back To Space-Con

A new documentary shows the early days of Star Trek conventions in the Bay Area.

In Back to Space-Con, fans are transported back in time to Northern California’s first Star Trek convention, held on February 22, 1975.

Older Star Trek Fans can remember the days when it was very uncool to be a Trek fan, and the joy in finding others who liked Star Trek and getting to see one’s favorite original series actors at those first conventions.

Fan enthusiasm for the show abounded in the early days and was expressed in the creation of home-made costumes, props and souvenirs. Some fans went a bit too far, though, including one man who changed his name legally to James T. Kirk. “Well, I never liked my previous name,” he said, explaining his action.

The documentary, a preview of which can be seen below, features forty minutes of 1970s convention footage. A DVD of the seventy-four minute long DVD can be purchased here.

For those in the Bay Area, a screening will be held tomorrow night at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco.

Source: ST Weekly

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