Star Trek Online: Ask Cryptic

Star Trek Online Executive Producer Dan Stahl answered almost three dozen questions regarding future plans for the MMORPG recently.

Some of the questions included ones about new classes of ships, ranks, new features of the ships, actors who provide the voices of the characters,  and pets.

For fans of Deep Space Nine, expect a visit to the station in the future. “In our Feature Episode series planning session today we were discussing that we may be visiting DS9 in one of the next Feature Episodes,” said Stahl. “When we do, we plan to give DS9 some love.”

Simale wanted to know if players would ever be able to “assign Fleet ranks with uniform rank pins from Cadet to Fleet Admiral (from various eras) so that they match the rank the player has within the Fleet?”

According to Stahl, the answer to Simale’s question was yes, and “in addition to what you are asking for, we are also looking into this tech so that we can add various other badges to uniforms as well. These tech investigations don’t come with ETAs but I can say that I’d like to see it in game at some point and we are collaborating with the software team to make it happen.”

SFZEROSF was interested in new ships. “Now that we have a Light Escort (NX Class), a Light Cruiser (TOS Constitution), and a Jack-of-all-Trades (Miranda),” he asked, “will we be getting the Oberth or other Science Equivalent soon?”

“The Oberth is coming in either April or May and we will continue to fill in gaps when we can for both Fed/Klg ship charts,” said Stahl.

Fractal_Eye was concerned with adding pets to his gaming experience. “When will we get Porthos pets?” he asked.

Stahl explained that over time, pets will be added. “Once we are happy with the number of ambient animals being represented in missions we will start adding more of these as player pets,” he said. “It would be fun to see these pets randomly roaming your ship interior as well.”

Source: Star Trek Online

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