Shatner: Energized At Eighty

It’s hard to believe that the man who portrayed Captain Kirk is eighty, but William Shatner is not letting age slow him down one bit.

Shatner has learned valuable lessons about life in those eighty years, including what is important to him, as well as the value of Star Trek fans.

It’s difficult for Shatner to believe that he has reached his eightieth birthday. “[My] eightieth birthday, it seems so foreign to me that it’s a like a weed in my mouth,” he said. “I hear eightieth birthday and I can’t believe it. I don’t know [how I’ve done it]; I just know that health is a huge factor. I’ve been lucky.

“I feel more creative, more energized and better equipped as an actor and as a creative mind now than I ever had in my life.”

Shatner hosts several TV shows, stars in $#*! My Dad Says, has a new book and a new record coming out, does charity work and breeds horses and takes part in riding competitions. But he still finds time to attend Star Trek conventions, at which he finds the interaction of fans to be enjoyable. “I wrote a book called Get a Life, which was about the constituency of the audience [at conventions],” he said. “I discovered they came to see each other; they were renewing their friendships that had gone on for years; they brought their husbands and wives, and they brought their children.

“It’s kind of warm and nice and lacks the coldness of the Twitter and the modern viral age. It has the immediacy of human connection, so I do enjoy it.”

Source: North Shore Times

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