Shatner Approaches Life With Humor

One of the more appealing charms of William Shatner is his sense of humor, and as Shatner ages, he’s not afraid to laugh or to risk having people laugh at him.

Perhaps it’s just being asked the same questions too many times, but Shatner will have a little fun when the urge strikes him. When asked to describe himself, he said, “I’m 6 feet 2 inches, 180 pounds, wedge shaped, tapering down to a slim waist and muscular shoulders. … Why are you laughing?”

But after his joke, Shatner turned serious and answered questions, including ones about Star Trek, where he admitted that working on the show was “a joyful experience for me.”

When asked about Star Trek XII, Shatner admitted that it is improbable that he will be in the movie, and he answered using that Shatner humor for which he has become known lately. “I’d like to be in it,” he said, “but I think it’ll be difficult to rationalize how Capt. Kirk got to my age and looks like me, you know, being 6 feet 2 inches, muscular in the shoulders and 180 pounds.”

Shatner then explained a bit of his life philosophy and one could see the parallels with James T. Kirk. “Risk is our business,” said James T. Kirk to his fellow officers in the original series Return to Tomorrow when urging them to permit Sargon, Thalassa and Henoch to temporarily inhabit their bodies. “One of the chapters (in the book I’m writing) is called Saying Yes to Life,” said Shatner, “because if you don’t say yes you miss an opportunity. You may fail and may be lousy and people may laugh at you, but you miss an opportunity to do well, too.”

Shatner will be appearing at the Emerald City Comicon at the Washington State Convention Center this weekend.

Source: LexGo

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