Pine’s Jack Ryan Debut Delayed

Script issues and the need for Chris Pine to be available for Star Trek XII have delayed plans for a new Jack Ryan movie.

The Ryan picture, tentatively titled Moscow, was supposed to bring the Jack Ryan franchise back to life, but issues with finding a writer have caused the delay. Steve Zaillian, who wrote the 1994 Clear and Present Danger, was slated to rewrite the script, but has had second thoughts regarding the project. Paramount is now interviewing again for a writer for the project.

Meanwhile, Paramount hopes to begin production on Star Trek XII by this autumn, so that the sequel will be ready for its June 29, 2012 release date. J.J. Abrams was asked how realistic that release date was and he told, “We’re working on the story. That’s probably more important than the release date at this point, but at the moment, we’re not going to change anything.”

Source: Deadline.comvia

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