Pine Facebook Page Is A Fake

Recent news that Chris Pine allegedly posted on his Facebook account has proven to be false.

Multiple sources have informed TrekToday that not only does Pine not have a Facebook page, but that he is not to be found on Twitter or any other social networking site unlike several of his co-stars. has posted a response from co-writer Roberto Orci, who, when told about the posting, said, “Wish it was true that he had read a great script so we wouldn’t have to finish it!”

Meanwhile, those who get their jollies by faking celebrity sites, might want to have a look at a recent law that was passed in California, where impersonating another person through a website or other electronic means will lead to a fine, or will land the impersonator in the slammer. An explanation of the new law is located here. In addition to the penalties laid out in the new law, the celebrity can elect to bring a civil action against the impersonator as well.

So – while Captain Kirk *may* have a love interest (would he be Captain Kirk if he didn’t?), fans will have to wait for the movie to find out for sure.

An extra thanks goes out to Anthony Pascale for the news regarding the California law concerning impersonation.


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