Nimoy: Winding Down Trek

Although Leonard Nimoy will be popping up at various places in the next year, don’t expect to see him in Star Trek XII.

At almost eighty, Nimoy keeps busy, but he’s not the workaholic that his co-star, William Shatner, a week older than Nimoy, is. “We’re very similar in a lot of ways, but on the other hand, very different,” said Nimoy. “He has this great need to be working, working, working, working, working. I’ve asked him at times why, and I’m not sure that we’ve ever really come to a very clear answer of why he wants to work so much and so hard. We’re different. We’re different.”

Star Trek XII will begin production soon, but Nimoy does not expect to be part of the next movie. “I think I was useful in the last film and I think for me it really was the last film,” said Nimoy. “I think the torch has been very successfully passed to a bunch of very talented young people, and not just Zachary [Quinto], but Chris Pine and all of them. I think they’re very talented and will have a lot of fun, and I wish them well.”

Nimoy has fond memories of his time with Star Trek and has a favorite piece of Star Trek memorabilia saved from his days on the original series. “Well, I still have the pair of ear tips that I wore the last day that we filmed the original series,” he said. “I have a couple of others which I have held for my children and grandchildren, a handful of other ear tips. But the ones that have a lot of significance for me are the ones that I wore the last day when we finished filming TOS. I took them because I thought, ‘This is my memento.'”

His Trek days may be at an end, but Nimoy is still working, including appearing at Star Trek conventions. “I will get out this year and see people and tell the stories,” he said. “I love telling the stories that audiences want to hear. I’m really excited about this year. I’m doing a few conventions and appearances. I’m going to be in Dallas and Vegas and Atlanta. I’m giving a speech in Long Beach, at the Carpenter Center, at the end of April. I’m doing a reading in L.A. I’ve got some really exciting and fun things to do this year, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Nimoy turns eighty tomorrow. TrekToday and all of his many fans wish him a very happy birthday.


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