Yelchin Joins Odd Thomas

Star Trek XI‘s Anton Yelchin has accepted the lead role in an adaptation of Dean Koontz‘s Odd Thomas.

Yelchin is the first to sign up for Odd Thomas, which is the “story of an ordinary man (Thomas) with an extraordinary gift,” the ability to communicate with the dead. He must use this gift to prevent a mass catastrophe from occurring.

Koontz’s Odd Thomas is the first of four novels in a series, and if the adaptation of the first story is a success, more films based on the other books could follow.

Odd Thomas is now in pre-production, with a budget of approximately forty-seven million dollars.

Yelchin will be seen later this year in a remake of Fright Night, where he will play Charley Brewster, a teenager and horror film fan who is convinced that his neighbor is a vampire.

Source: Shock Till You Dropvia I Am

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