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The Winter 2011 issue of The Herald, an online magazine created by The United Federation of Planets, an online community of Star Trek gamers, features interviews with Star Trek: Online‘s lead developer Dan Stahl and a developer of RPG-X, a mod for the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force game.

In the interview with Stahl, UFP gamers were able to have their questions about the future of Star Trek: Online answered.

Topics in the Stahl interview include the reappearance of Q, uniform changes, new fleet content, game time-travel, Season Four, mini-games, Trek actors voicing characters in the game, and future plans.

The article is accompanied by many attractive photos, which will be sure to please Star Trek fans. Other articles in the magazine include the interview with a developer of RPG-X for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, UFP news, 2010: A Year in Review ( UFP), tweets from Star Trek actors, and more.

The United Federation of Planets (UFP) is a Star Trek gaming group that was founded almost nine years ago. They currently support a variety of Star Trek games from Star Trek: Online to more classic, “old school” games such as Star Trek: Armada II. Weekly events provide fun for UFP members, and an active community contributes to the fleet.

The website for UFP is located here.

Source: UFP The Herald

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