Burton Big Bang Theory TV Alert

Fans of LeVar Burton need to tune in to CBS tonight at 8 PM.

Burton will be appearing on The Toast Derivation episode of The Big Bang Theory, where it appears that he will be playing himself on the episode.

According to the description of the show, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) decides that it’s time to get a new group of friends.

“It must be killing you wondering who [is coming],” said Shelton, discussing a forthcoming party to which he has invited potential new friends. “OK, fine, I’ll tell you. Stewart from the comic book store … and TV’s LeVar Burton.”

“LeVar Burton’s coming here?” asked Leonard (Johnny Galecki).

“Possibly, I tweeted him,” answered Sheldon.

Burton is the third Trek actor to have a cameo on The Big Bang Theory. Wil Wheaton has appeared on the show several times and George Takei appeared in an episode last fall.

Source: Examiner.com

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