Trek Quest Game Releases

Trek Quest HD for the iPad and Trek Quest 2.4 for the iPhone and IPod Touch were released today by SchoSoft.

Based on the classic 1970s computer game, Super Star Trek, Trek Quest “recreates the excitement of early gaming while bringing it into the twenty-first century with modern themes and advanced graphics.”

In Trek Quest, “The user’s mission is to stop the Krygon invasion of the galaxy, which is divided into sixty-four numbered quadrants, in eight rows of eight. They must use their long and short range scanners to search for enemy craft in their quadrant, and fire upon them with phasers and photon torpedoes. To make it easier to pinpoint enemy locations, each quadrant is also divided into sixty-four numbered sectors. Once they have cleared their quadrant of Krygons, they can use either warp drive or impulse power to move on to the next quadrant.

“With a Trainee Mode and three levels of game play, users can stay entertained for hours. Each level is more difficult than the last, adding more Krygon ships as players advance. In the higher levels, the user’s ship also begins play with less energy than on level one, and there is less time to complete the mission. Things go much easier if the user plays in Trainee mode first, to learn the controls and basic navigation skills.

Trek Quest Features include:

  • Accurate re-creation of the classic Super Star Trek computer game
  • Game Center integration
  • Supports IOS 4.2
  • Supports Game Center
  • Easy to use controls
  • Engaging game play
  • Three levels of play
  • Trainee mode for learning the basics

Trek Quest HD 1.2 is $2.50 and Trek Quest 2.4 is $0.99. You can get Trek Quest HD at iTunes.

Source: Mobile Tech Review

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