Takei: Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

George Takei made the unpleasant acquaintance of a New York nuisance recently when he and husband Brad Altman visited the city.

New Yorkers have been on guard for a while against a pesky parasitic insect, the Cimex lectularius, better-known as the bedbug, which is showing up in apartments, offices, the subway and movie theaters.

Takei and Altman were in New York earlier this month, he told radio D.J. Howard Stern, and stayed in their apartment where the bedbugs had evidently taken up residence. “We were (in New York) last month and nothing happened,” said Takei, “and then this month, I’ve been eaten alive.”

Takei thinks he knows from where the biting bugs came. “Brad and I go to the theater a lot, and I think they must have been in the seats. There’s no other way we could have gotten them.”

Source: Toronto Sun

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