Saldana Website Revamped

Zoë Saldana‘s website has had a make-over, and there is plenty of content for her fans to enjoy.

The redesigned website has six sections, including: Film, Fashion, Charity, Photo Gallery, About Zoe and Press.

The film section includes information on the various films on which Saldana has worked, including feature films such as Avatar, and videos such as a Funny or Die one.

Fans looking for information on Saldana’s wear at various events would head to the fashion section of the website, while details on charity work/events would be found in the charity section.

The photo section includes almost two dozen photos of Saldana, including ones on/in magazines, and any red carpet appearances.

Those wishing to know more about Saldana would find that information in the About Zoe section, while any press on the actress would be in the press section.


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