Quinto On Blackwell’s Side By Side

Zachary Quinto, best-known to Star Trek fans as the new Spock, appeared recently in Susan Blackwell’s Side by Side webseries.

The ten minute video, filmed in a dog park, will be of interest to Quinto fans, who will see him discuss “eyebrows, dingers and Star Trek zingers.”

In the video, the pair play a game called “name that dog” where they: named passing dogs, spoke about Quinto’s work in Angels in America, and discussed Quinto’s thick eyebrows.

Blackwell shared bad Star Trek jokes (Where does a Borg go to eat? Borger King.) while Quinto spoke in “Pittsburghese” to Blackwell, referencing Pittsburgh traditions such as “The O,” Iron City beer, “dahntown” and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During the interview, Quinto admitted wanting to host Saturday Night Live, and spoke about what he might have done had he not been an actor. “I have a real keen interest in psychology,” he said. “I could see myself being a shrink.”

The video can be seen by heading to the link located here.

Source: Broadway.com

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