New Trailer For Pegg’s Paul Online

A two-and-a-half minute trailer has been released for Simon Pegg‘s comedy adventure movie Paul.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) have reunited in an alien-UFO comedy adventure, Paul, and fans can have a sneak peek at the unconventional alien in a new trailer released today.

In Paul, Pegg and Frost are two British men visiting the U.S. in search of their favorite UFO landmarks, including Area 51. The duo meets up with a real alien, who has been stranded on Earth for the past sixty years and who wants to go home.

Pegg spoke about how the idea for Paul was born. “Let’s go somewhere hot and make a movie about something hot. Let’s make it in the desert. Yeah, Area 51 and yeah, these guys they help him get home.’ And I drew a poster with Paul giving the finger and it said, ‘In America, everyone is an alien’ and that was the kind of the pitch.”

In the video, viewers are told that “Mankind has dreamed of making contact, but they never expected Paul.” Indeed, most “Greys” of movies and literature won’t be seen smoking a cigarette or “mooning” a woman thr0ugh a window.

Paul will release on Valentine’s Day of 2011. The video can be seen by heading to the link located here.

Source: Yahoo

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