Four New Trek Uniform Replicas To Debut

Fans of the original series and Star Trek XI will be able to buy Star Trek costume replicas based on the uniforms seen the original series and the movie.

Two shirts and two dresses will be offered; a dress and a shirt in red, and a dress and a shirt in blue.

The uniforms, offered by Anovos, include an original series red shirt, an original series blue dress, a Star Trek XI blue shirt and a Star Trek XI red dress.

The red original series shirts “feature the exact double-knit fabric from the original uniforms and are fabric-dyed to match screen-used samples from the landmark 1960’s television show.” The original series blue dress will be available in two versions, a tri-cut pattern, followed later by a more conventional panel cut version.

The Star Trek XI uniform replicas were created in “collaboration with Bad Robot and CBS/Paramount, utilizing many screen-used pieces from the recent Star Trek feature for reference, and by replicating the same dyeing/printing processes used by the manufacturer of the film’s costumes.”

The new uniform replicas won’t be cheap. The original series shirt will sell for $275 and the dress will sell for $325. The Star Trek XI red dress will sell for $340 and the Star Trek XI blue shirt will sell for $290. The Star Trek XI replicas can be pre-ordered beginning later this week, with the original series to follow next week. Although not yet on the site, the uniforms can be pre-ordered by heading to Anovos.


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