Trek’s Takei Targets Bigot

George Takei, the original series’ Mr. Sulu, took aim at an Arkansas school board member whose anti-gay tirade made national headlines recently.

Clint McCance, a member of the Midland district school board in northern Arkansas, did not like the “wear purple” campaign that was intended to show support for ending anti-gay bullying. His Facebook posting used slurs and encouraged gays to “all commit suicide.” After the resulting uproar after his comments were posted, McCance resigned his post.

“Mr. McCance, you are a douchebag,” said an angry Takei. “That’s right, a douchebag. No person, let along an elected school official, whatever their personal or religious beliefs, should ever wish death upon another human being.”

Then Takei claimed that McCance, had “some … issues to work out” and would no doubt end up in the headlines again “this time caught with a rent boy from some South American country.”

Takei then addressed the public in general. “If you are a victim of gay bullying, I say this to you, it does get better and there is help out there.”


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