Star Trek Online Season Three To Debut

Next month, Star Trek Online‘s Season Three: Genesis will be released.

Fans who wish to create their own mission for Star Trek Online will be able to do so when The Foundry enters public beta along with the release of Season Three. Fans will be able to create episodes, and share them with other players.

Season Three will also a chance to replay favorite episodes, and “nearly every mission in Star Trek Online” will be available for fans to replay.

Other highlights of the season:

  • Ability to integrate Borg technology into ships
  • Revamped Sector Space
  • Gorn customization
  • Exchange updates
  • New Loading Screens
  • C-Store additions, including new ships, Star Trek: The Motion Picture uniform and open jacket uniform variants.
  • Klingon-specific updates
  • New item sets.

Source: Star Trek Online

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