Star Trek Online Offers Design Contest

Creative Star Trek fans who would like to try their hand at designing the next Enterprise ship for the Star Trek: Online game will get their chance to do so next month.

Star Trek: Online is offering the “Design the Next Enterprise” contest, which will begin on December 9. Fans will be able to submit their designs and the best one will become a ship in the Star Trek: Online game.

There will also be some nice prizes offered for the best designs, including:

  • Grand Prize: Custom, STO-painted Alienware M11x laptop; STO Collector’s Edition; STO Lifetime Membership; inclusion of design in STO; and a 3-D model of the winning design.
  • Second Prize: Alienware laptop (no custom paint job), STO Collector’s Edition and an STO Lifetime Membership.
  • Third Prize: STO Collector’s Edition, STO Lifetime Membership and an Intel Core i7-875k processor.
  • Fourth Prize: STO Collector’s Edition and an STO Lifetime Membership.
  • Twenty-one Honorable Mentions: Standard-edition copy of STO and a Star Trek Online poster.

Head over to Star Trek: Online on December 9th to enter. Thanks to Spaceman Spiff for the tip!

Source: Star Trek: Online

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