Pine’s Nutty Fandom

Chris Pine has his own fandom and they even have a name, they are known as the “Pine Nuts.”

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Pine talked about his fans, some of whom were in the audience for the show. “I think it’s because my last name is maybe, it just makes for a good … they’re called the ‘Pine Nuts,'” he told Kimmel, when asked about the origin of the title.

“You know, it’s very flattering that anyone actually cares about what I’m doing and takes the time to check out what I’m [doing],” said Pine. He waved to the group of fans seated in the audience.

Pine went on to discuss his work in several recent plays including the Lieutenant of Inishmore, where he sustained injuries in the course of the show. “I enjoy [plays], it’s what you like doing about comedy, it’s the energy that you have with the audience,” he said. “It’s not like film. Film is a little bubble that you perform in and here with a live audience you get that energy straightaway and that’s the excitement of it.

“The last play that I did was physically intense and I ended up, I tore my groin and I pulled my sacrum, which I didn’t even know what a sacrum was … yeah all sorts of stuff. But it was fun.”

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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