Pine: Producer Jazzed About Star Trek XII

Chris Pine was interviewed recently about his work on the recently-released Unstoppable, but he took time out to answer a question about Star Trek XII.

No one expects any details to come out this early, and Pine didn’t “know anything,” but he did know that there is plenty of enthusiasm for the movie by those involved in it.

“I don’t know anything,” said Pine, “and if I did, I’d tell you because I kind of like to talk a lot. I don’t know a goddamn thing. I know it is going to take place sometime next year. I have spoken to the producer [J.J. Abrams?] and I will say that he was so excited by it he was like a kid in a candy store; he was so jazzed about the initial meetings about the story and stuff. But those guys – I would be the last person to find out, but I put full trust in them.”

In another interview, the popular Pine explained why he first went into acting. “I wanted to become an actor because I wanted friends,” he said.

“I went to a very large university, and was a shy, late bloomer,” explained Pine, “and I really didn’t have a social network. So I found theater out of a need to find a community really.”

Source: Digital Spyvia Monsters and Critics

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