Pine Amazed By Success

Chris Pine, Star Trek XI‘s Captain Kirk, is still trying to deal with his Hollywood success.

It has been a busy time for Pine. In 2009 he had the lead role in Star Trek XI. Then comes Unstoppable, due out November 12, where Pine has teamed up with Denzel Washington. Further down the road is This Means War, where Pine will play CIA analyst Jack Ryan, and Star Trek XII.

Pine is surprised by his good luck, knowing that success isn’t always the reward in Hollywood for hard work. “I am definitely having some out of body experiences in terms of the luck I’m living out,” he said. “A lot of times as an actor, you’re just trying to survive – believe me, I’ve been there – but the roles seem to be coming to me now.”

Not everything has dropped into Pine’s lap. In an audition for the lead role in Avatar, which went to Sam Worthington, Pine had a terrible audition. “That was my worst audition ever,” he said. “It was so bad, I remember laughing afterwards.”

Laughter was the furthest thing from Pine’s mind when he was one of the presenters at the Academy Awards earlier this year. “The Oscars were absolutely terrifying,” he explained. “Awesome, but petrifying. I was a presenter. And I was downing vodkas in the back praying to God I wouldn’t fuck up.”


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